A Polymer (Un)Production

--- is an ongoing piece of moving image and performance exploring our (un)productive bodies and spaces.

Working in collaboration with architect and artist Shivani Shah, A Polymer (Un)Production questions y(our) diverse and varied relationships with (un)production, exploring how our bodies are continually shaped by our spaces, modes, systems and languages of production.

Framing our workspaces as the set-up which facilitates production, the moving image piece overlays a static photogrammetry model of our workspaces (both in London and Mumbai ) with narrations of the minute shifts and movements within our productive bodies as we interact with the set-up. The photogrammetry model only records the static elements within the workspace not allowing the human bodies in the scene to be recorded. Humans now become the white spaces inside the model. The narration tries to insert the human back inside the model. As we narrate our movements as we interact with these spaces that facilitate the production of this project, we create a dialogue between these spaces of production, our (un)productive bodies and our production outputs.

In this futile attempt of the human microphone to complete the missing information within the model, a dialogue emerges and new possible narratives surface to reveal alternative ways to visualise, dematerialise and actively politically disrupt ‘production’.

This moment of international crisis necessitates and creates space for a re-imagining of our economic systems and our spaces, modes, systems and languages of production. A Polymer (Un)Production aims to contemplate production in this landscape.

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2020 - ongoing