--- is an immersive performance, connecting bodies in isolation through audio.

In collaboration with Ignacio Rivas we invited participants of La Escuela Nunca y los otros futuros (the Never School and other futures), a project created by TOMA, to walk around their cities, connected remotely through audio.

Through storytelling and sound, Less-bordes is narrated by an AI voice which guides us from the comfort of our rooms in isolation and across our cities, each in our own space, yet connected by electric pulses, vibrating through our ears. Guided, connected and managed by an external being, seemingly artificial, participants travel together between rhythms, bacteria, mushrooms and electromagnetic pulses to think, feel and move the borders and edges around us.

Questioning the edges of our bodies and the limits of what surrounds us, while moving according to the voice of an artificial body in our ears, participants transform into a collective body, with our individual spaces across Chile, Columbia, Germany and the UK, overlapping and merging across distances.

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