--- a series of performances and activations across the Royal Academy in London.

As part of the Royal Academy’s event Alternate Languages: Confronting Borders, with students from MA Situated Practice, we created a series of activations throughout the gallery to critique and question the borders within the institution.

Through a series of performances we tested the boundaries of private and public spaces within the gallery. Performances moved between external courtyards, doorways, staircases, bathrooms, corridors and internal courtyards. Placing a final performance within a space of the museum inaccessible to the public, we created access through microphones to an audience sitting above, trespassing the borders of the institution through sound.

The CRITICAL RESEARCH SERVICE! is a project that tests the boundaries between art and architecture. We played with a range of temporary activations that tested alternative modes of engagement and considered the restrictions of both site and situation. We look, we twist, we invert, we listen, we reveal, we hover, we notice and we question, aiming to re-negotiate and critique power relations between the public, the space and the institution.