I am a transdisciplinary artist with a research-based and socially engaged practice. My practice encompasses writing, performance, storytelling, photography, film, audio and workshops.

Through collaborative processes, my practice engages with language, cartography, movement, speculative fiction and decolonial theory with a critical approach to themes of exploration, control, nationalism, migration, space travel and astronomy.  

My recent practice and research is concerned with practices of bordering and othering, the spaces they inhabit and the languages they employ. I have been focusing on connections, real and imagined, between the sky, the sea and the border. I am interested in spaces of care and solidarity, exploring storytelling as a fluid mode of exchange; countering and resisting the narratives of control and hostility in the UK.

Across projects and scales, I consider our bodily and spatial relationships with language, shaping the migration of our words – themselves maps of their own journeys, travelling through linguistic roots and resurfacing in partially remembered or imagined times and places. I am interested in how language, both porous and plural, exists at the intersection of past, present and future, allowing an insight into our histories and also a framework with which to shape our futures.

* please do get in touch if you have any questions, ideas, thoughts - I am always open to conversation and collaboration *


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MA Situated Practice  |  UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture  |  2018 - 2019

Spinning Triangles Summer School of Design  |  SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin  |  2019

BSc Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies  |  UCL, Bartlett School of Architecture  |  2015 - 2017

Teaching / Workshops

Reading Rhythms | School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai | 2021 | in collaboration with Shivani Shah

Performing Site  |  School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai  |  2020  | in collaboration with Shivani Shah

Co-Designing Common Spaces  |  De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill On Sea  |  2019  | in collaboration with Ignacio Rivas, Luofei Dong, Sophie Hardcastle and Ignacio Saavedra, and tutor David Roberts

Situating Practices: concepts and cartographies  |  Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London  |  2018  |  in collaboration with MA Situated Practice students

International Women’s Day: Solidarity and Resistance  |  Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London  |  2017  |  as part of asterism


A Lunar Perspective | part of the Cartographies of the Imagination festival, OmVed Gardens, London | 2021 

Transducciones Territoriales // Territorial Transductions  |  part of the Chilean Conexion Festival, Berlin  |  2020  |  in collaboration with Ignacio Rivas and Mathias Klenner

Less-bordes  |  part of La Escuela Nunca y los otros futuros  |  2020  |  in collaboration with Ignacio Rivas

A Lunar Perspective  |  North Observatory, UCL, London  |  2019

City, Essay, Film  |  UCL Urban Laboratory, London  |  2019  |  in collaboration with Luofei Dong, Ignacio Rivas, Valeria Muteri, Ignacio Saavedra Valenzuela, Jerneja Rebernak and Anastasia Perahia Dede

CRITICAL RESEARCH SERVICE!  |  Royal Academy, London  |  2019  |  in collaboration with MA Situated Practice students

Exhibitions / Events

Cartographies of the Imagination | OmVed Gardens, London | curated by Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah | 2021

Body as a Spatial Pedagogical Tool | as part of the V International Congress Architecture and Gender, Feminisms and the spatialization of resistance, Lisbon | 2021 | in collaboration with Shivani Shah and Valeria Muteri

Fifteen  |  Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London  |  2019


Cartographies of the Imagination  |  2021  |  contributor, edited by Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah

Spinning Triangles Summer School of Design Publication  |  SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin  |  2019  |  in collaboration with students of the summer school and co-edited with George Lynch and Franca López Barbera

asterism zine  |  2016  |  in collaboration with contributors and co-edited with Anna Livia Vørsel


Collective narrative residency, “nos llamamos asi”  |  Can Serrat, Barcelona  |  Upcoming, 2022