In Search Of

--- is a translation across performance, writing, audio recordings, photography and film to explore questions of memory and mortality.

In Search Of traces mis-placed, fragmented and lost memories between St. Peter’s Church on the Walworth Road in London and Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey, following the presumed displacement of bodies to Brookwood around 1900.

As the largest cemetery in Western Europe, Brookwood Cemetery covers around 400 acres of land, the grave stones flowing on from each other in a never ending jumble, twisting and turning around each other. The smell of incense comes and goes in some areas, marking those most recently visited. Lanterns, angels of all shapes and sizes, flowers, stones, ceramic figures and decorations cover the graves. Walking between these endless rows of other people’s memories, the scale of Brookwood Cemetery forces a confrontation with mortality, a reflection on our own relationship with death and grief.

Walking through the cemetery and recording my own drifting thoughts and questions, In Search Of began with a search for the displaced memories from St. Peter’s Church, intertwining with my own personal reflections and uncertain memories emerging between grave stones. Exploring our dislocation with mortality and the fluid and cloudy nature of memory, In Search Of travels through the intimate and personal towards the collective and shared, inviting reflection and conversation along the way.

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2018 - 2019