Reading Rhythms

--- is an elective module at the School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai.

In collaboration with architect and artist Shivani Shah, we co-designed and facilitated the elective module, Reading Rhythms, on writing and performance as research tools for architecture students.

Working together online, over the week-long workshop we used movements, rhythms, spoken words, collective writing, gestures and breaths to understand the plural and situated experiences of our shared space.

From thoughts disrupted by the smell of food, to the sharp shadows guiding your flow, the constant need to sneeze, her blush, dripping rainwater, calm blue titles, warm feet, whispers, and waiting for the night – the students created a series of writings and performances about their varied spaces that came together through our screens.

Thank you to the students: Anjali Agarwal, Devanshi Thakkar, Dhruvi Kachalia, Dhruv Sachala, Harshita Patel, Jugal Kamalia, Neha Nanwani, Nidhi Mehta, Mrunmai Bailke, Sakshi Maeen, Samruddhi Pawar, Sanjeeta Patil, Sapna Chopda, Sayli Zantye, Suraj Iokhande, Tanisi K, Vanshita Purwar, Vatsal Visharia and Vikram Veeravalli.

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