Transducciones Territoriales // Territorial Transductions

--- is an immersive audio performance around the city of Berlin.

In collaboration with Ignacio Rivas and Matthias Klenner, Transducciones Territoriales is an immersive urban performance exploring Berlin through narration and sound as part of the Chilean Conexion festival.

With their feet in Berlin and their ears in Santiago, Chile, the audience is invited to travel across superimposed spaces far away in distance and time. Generating multiple relationships and contrasts between them, images evoked from one space mix, reflect, and conflict with the reality we observe. Guided by a voice that questions the borders of our bodies and the limits of what surrounds us, the audience travels through the city encountering sounds, reflections, instructions and questions.

Questioning relations between bodies, infrastructure, nature and technology, the audience becomes a collective body, temporarily managed and programmed by an artificial one.

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