Conspiring with water // Conspirando con el agua

--- is an ongoing project in collaboration with Sara Yaoska Herrera Dixon.

“Water is everywhere before it is somewhere. It is rain before it is in rivers, it blurs before it clarifies. Water, at these moments in the hydrological cycle, is not easy to picture in maps or contain within lines.”
- Mathur / Dacunha

Conspiring with water explores storytelling as a way to understand, reveal and imagine our relationships with our waters. We are interested in using different scales of water stories, from everyday encounters to myths and legends, to understand our plural and layered relationships within our ecosystems. We are thinking of stories as maps of relationships, revealing those who share them, the places they are told in and the sites, histories and inherited relations they come from. A map of stories is not something objective; it is messy, squishy and sometimes swampy.

We are interested in how we - our waters and ecosystems - conspire. Deriving from Latin meaning to breathe together, we understand conspiring as sharing resources, making deals with the waters around us, nurturing and negotiating reciprocal relationships of mutual care within our ecosystems.